The Professional Courier Company


Reliable Vehicles:
Our fleet is regularly serviced and well maintained.

Efficient & personable drivers:
Our drivers have been part of i’ZuluCouriers for a number of years and are integral to our ongoing success.

Deadline conscious:
We don’t work on “urgent” –we work on deadlines. If you require a parcel delivered by 15h00 we ensure it is done.

No centralised “Hub” for parcels/documents to go to prior to being routed for delivery:
This speeds up delivery times as well as making certain parcels are never lost or routed incorrectly.

Prompt feedback to clients on tracking requirements:
Confirmation of delivery can be done telephonically by the driver who undertook the delivery, or via email later that day. No need to wait for scanning systems to update to the web, no need for you to check –we let you know!

Pro-Active Feedback:
In the event of circumstances beyond our control such as a motor vehicle accident we inform you of the delay and reasons for it, as well as the steps being undertaken to rectify it, rather than allow deadlines to be missed and clients to be left disappointed.