With the Personal Touch

Friendly and Efficient Drivers:
Our drivers have all been with i’ZuluCouriers for a number of years, and have become known by our clients for their personable nature and willingness to assist.
Access to Management:
All the directors are actively involved in the daily running of the business and are easily contactable by clients should the need ever arise.
Solutions Driven:
Although we offer “Standard Services” as per the industry norms we have found in many instances that clients have unique requirements. To this end we have worked with our clients to provide custom solutions at competitive rates. A good example is one of our clients who requires between 12 and 20 deliveries completed between 09h00 and 15h00 every Wednesday, yet no deliveries on any other days. To expedite this we dedicate the same driver and vehicle to this client every Wednesday, and have even been able to offer the client a reduced rate for this service!
Regular Contact:
As part of our commitment to providing value for money with outstanding service, the directors regularly make contact with all our clients, either telephonically or via face to face meetings to ensure our service levels are maintained as well as to troubleshoot any possible problems before they arise.