Best Practice for Packaging your parcel.


One of the questions we are frequently asked is "How do I make sure my goods are not damaged in transit?".


Here are a few tips to assist in making sure your goods arrive safely at their destination - remember, it is your responsibility to ensure the goods are properly packaged before you hand them to the courier service:

  1. If at all possible send your items in a sturdy cardboard box.
  2. Wrap each item inside separately as this will prevent them knocking against each other.
  3. Consider using polystyrene, bubble wrap, old newspaper etc. as additional cushioning around the items.
  4. Use strong packaging tape around the edges of the boxes and packets to prevent damage.
  5. If there are any liquid items, make sure they are in leak-proof containers, then seal them again in strong plastic bags sealed with packaging tape.
  6. Remember - a few additional minutes wrapping, protecting and securing your parcel is always less time than that needed to resolve an insurance claim!